Credit where credit is due...


When was the last time you started something new, a new hobby, a new volunteer gig or a new job?  In my case, starting a new business wasn't as simple as I expected.  I have no storefront and so far no consignment shops, so, simple right?  Well, some parts are, getting a business license, opening a new bank account, ordering cards.  Others are more challenging, such as creating a website and integrating it into social media.  I am making progress, but still have some mysteries to solve regarding Facebook.

In the meantime I want to credit those who have helped me along the way, with the business side and the creative side.  First the business side:

Legal stuff:
Kiffany from The Artist's JD
Money stuff:
Janet from Paper and Spark
Social media stuff:
Wes Hodge:

Now the creative side.  This list will be longer, the folks and groups that have inspired me to "take the show on the road" so to speak.  I have even been invited by two designers to test their future designs.  I risk inspiring others to make their own creations, or (gasp) visit some of my competition.  But each maker has their own market.

Bagmaking and other creative endeavors are not a solo effort, it takes a village, and the creative village is very generous with their help and sharing of techniques.  I am so grateful for the folks above and their many Facebook groups that have shared their skills with me.  Hopefully I will be able to repay them soon with my own tips and tricks.

Lastly I'd like to thank my husband and friends (including the Potato Peelers) who have encouraged me along the way, for without them and God's good grace, this effort would not be possible. 

And you my customers!  Who have you been inspired by lately?

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