A New Business Venture

A New Business Venture

After 40 years doing engineering graphics and virtual models, I finally retired from the corporate world.  Now I am able to focus on my real passion, sewing. 

It started for me as a child, watching my mother whip up dresses, slip covers and even a canopy for our fishing and crabbing boat.  I began with doll clothes, a simple cotton jumper in 7th grade home economics class and my first quilt when a high school senior.  In those days there wasn't the wealth of quilting books and online resources for designs and techniques.  My first effort was pretty pitiful.  Throughout my career I always felt the need to have some creative project going.  Despite having degrees in fine art, the craft world has always called me the loudest.  With dozens of quilts made, about 12 years ago I revisited clothing for myself, then machine embroidery. 

In order to keep myself busy in retirement and find a justification for buying more fabric and equipment, it seemed like handbags were a product I could make and sell without issues of fit with my customers.  Plus multiple friends and contacts insisted that "if you ever decide to sell your bags, I'll buy one".  So folks, here you go.

Don't get discouraged if you don't see any styles that call out to you.  Since I am the only producer, additions to the shop will be gradual.  Each product shown I have cut out, interfaced, stitched and attached hardware step by step, using patterns of those talented designers from the online bagmaker community.  In the mean time, please comment on any specific styles, colors or bag features you enjoy and maybe you'll see them pop up on my site in the coming weeks.  At this point I am not accepting custom orders, but who knows, that could change.  Stay tuned.



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I bought a bag at the woodinville street fair – not typical of me but I fell in love with the pendleton wool and leather tote and I now I want another bag!

Astrid Brugger

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I am absolutely in love with my new bag! Very well made, funky, and unique! It’s perfect for me. Can’t wait to see what you make next!

Jenn Evans

Everything looks beautiful & such high quality! Congrats on the new chapter & following your dreams! Iam sure your Mom is smiling down.

Melissa McNutt Lawler

Congrats on your retirement and starting the shop, Lynda! Your bags look like really high quality work! Of course, we are still loving the adorable quilt you made for A. Thanks for letting me know about your new endeavor!

Cameron P

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