Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your bags perfect?

No.  I am not a factory with automated processes.  I try my best to be as tidy and professional as possible, but I am a human being and not a machine, so you will see some wobbly stitches and slightly uneven seams.  That is part of the "charm" of buying a hand made, artisan product.  It is one of a kind.

What will your packaging look like?

You are likely to receive a box previously used to ship supplies to me, maybe from Amazon or others.  I try to reuse packaging as much as is practical, but will do my utmost to ensure it arrives dry and in one piece.

Do you take custom work?

At this time, no.  If you are looking for a specific type of bag, let me know and I will add it to my "to make" list.  For the most part I choose patterns and fabric that appeal to me, in the hopes that others will see the beauty I see in the styles that I gravitate towards.

What styles will you make in the future?

Styles I hope to make this year include drawstring bags, wallets, convertible back packs, pouches, cell phone bags and fabric baskets.  Also on the list are patchwork, denim, Pendleton wool and waxed canvas.